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Diaki’s hard thumping live electro balani show is the quintessential African rave sound, the one that can wake even the dead, drawing comparisons to shangaan, singeli and acholitronix as well as drum n bass and footwork. DJ Diaki’s style of balani show is a live performance on laptop, mic and drum machines. With influences of coupe decale and soukous, Diaki delivers an atomic blend of traditional balani electrified with all the West African candence! Diaki has perfected his craft over the last 30 years, and risen to fame after his Boiler room set at Nyege Nyege festival 2019 where legendary DJ Marcelle called him “The discovery of the Century”. His critically acclaimed debut release on Nyege Tapes (Feb. 2020) was album of the month in the Guardian, and his electrifying sets have earned him the nickname “Le President”, for his magical ability to channel ancestral rhythms and pull a club into a frenzy, from Berlin clubs to small villages on the outskirts of Bamako.

DJ Diaki is also the head programmer at Sanankoroba Radio which he helped co-found.

2022 Show Highlights: Primavera Sounds Barcelona || Wiener Festwochen, Vienna || Roskilde Festival, Denmark || Kappa Future Festival, Italy || WOMEX, Lisbon || Le Guess Who?, Utrecht 

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