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Bubbling up from Lagos's wildest fringes, a frenetic new sound is dominating Nigerian TikTok. Known as freebeat or cruise, it's a chaotic assemblage of afrobeats, gqom, amapiano, techno and baile funk that drops logical coherence in favor of virtuoso DJ trickery and pure adrenaline.

Right now the scene is in its infancy, but a handful of producers and DJs are spreading the music across West Africa, assisted by dancers on TikTok and Femi Kuti's legendary art center New Afrika Shrine, which has become the genre's grassroots base. And of all the talented beatmakers operating on the cruise scene right now, nobody's doing it quite like 21-year-old DJ Tobzy Imole Giwa.

  • TikTok
  • Bandcamp - grijze cirkel
  • SoundCloud - grijze cirkel
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