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For as long as their family recalls, Kabochi was always attracted to extreme softness.  
As a tender human, they were often found by the river banks of Kagere, cuddling with birds, rubbing baby owl feathers against their skin, dressing up in exotic spider webs and feeling one with Nature.
Later in life, Kabochi's obsession for supreme softness took them to some of the most remote places on earth, researching materials, feelings and textures on a lone quest to develop the world's softest tissue. They found music as a key to share their feelings and findings, until their untimely demise...  
On a sunny afternoon, one of K’s experiments in softness suddenly possessed them with an overwhelming feeling of bliss, one that would send humanity into an abyss of ecstatic softness. A tissue softer than a desert breeze, softer than a lover’s breath, softer than a Maharaja’s finest muslin, Kabochi’s tissue for humanity…   
Little did the Guru of Softness know that someone  had plans to get to it first, and on that day, the artist known as KABOCHI was brutally executed, oh!  
Inspired by Prince, Grace Jones, Marylyn Monroe and Michael Jackson, KABOCHI left their baby owls with a treasure trove of songs that are said to hide the key to eternal softness.  
It’s the “Coming of Gaze”, bitch!  
In the shadows of this posthumous waxing, one figure emerged as the beholder of softness, the embodiment of cuteness known for oozing sass galore on sweaty dancefloors, the dangerously extravagant cookie: KABEAUSHÉ (whisper).  
SPOILER ALERT: For you that really wants to know what the Kabeaushé show feels like: Kabeaushé is crafting a sound of their own, infused with pop sensibilities that go from Prince to Bollywood and Tyler, the Creator. Future/Intelligent pop is probably the best way to describe their music, a rare bird in the African music landscape. The show is a hybrid of music and theater, developed for months in Kampala together with a creative team. Kabeaushé likes to explore themes of softness and cuteness, making music that is both gentle and highly invigorating with a show aimed to draw the audience into a hypnotic dance frenzy.

Album out now on Hakuna Kulala: The Coming of Gaze 

2022 Tour Highights: Roskilde Festival, Kappa Fture Italy, Les Escales, Pop Kultur Berlin, Oslo World...


CLASH  | Kabeaushé Shares Divine New Single ‘Pottasium’ 

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