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Kenyan producer and DJ Makossiri makes club music that encompasses genre limitations. Rich in narration and soaked in a cinematic atmosphere, her sets are a blend of hardcore techno, psy-trance, industrial noise, and African tribal rhythms mixed with otherworldly sounds and elements of Afro-Futurism and Egyptian mythology.

Makossiri started her musical and artistic journey at a very young age in the church choir where her parents were preachers, in Nakuru, Kenya ; then developing a passion for poetry, songwriting and acoustic guitar. But it was after her encounter with the Nyege Nyege affiliates Kampire, Hibotep, Decay... during the East African Soul Train Residency in 2017 that she decided to move to Kampala and be part of her vibrant artistic scene. Here she started organizing her own parties at various venues and collaborating with djs and producers Catu Diosis, Turkana and Rey Sapienz... before getting involved in the collective of East African female artists Femme Spirit.

She’s recently joined the famed Nyege Nyege residency determined to take her music into a totally new and fresh direction. Other than being a producer and DJ, Makossiri is a fashion designer and stylist.

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