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MCZO & Duke are known for their blistering, fast-paced singeli music. Hailing from the vibrant scene of Dar Es Salaam, the duo draws inspiration from Zanzibarian taraab, South African house, gabber, and much more. With a speed of 180 bpm or more, there is no doubt their rowdy beats will get the dancefloor shaking.


Mashing up tunes drawn from the strangest places including Tanzanian advertising jingles and ambient sounds from around his studio, Duke's productions are perhaps the most punkish of all with a complete DIY agressive style stretching the bpm's into the stratosphere. Over the last few years the Dj and producer has also carved out a separate path with a new style he calls 'Hip Hop singeli', a slowed down version of its faster cousin that has gained popularity amongst other Singeli producers.


Starting rapping when he was just a kid, MCZO is one of the most acclaimed singeli MCs from the Dar es Salaam underground, feerless and magnetically charismatic. His unique vocal style is a striking combination of rapid-fire rapping, rhythmic melodic singing and rebellious yelling over breakneck-speed beats galvanized by a mixing of the registers.  He has been collaborating with Duke for his debut album, rising to international fame following their appearance on Boiler Room at the 2019 edition of Nyege Nyege.

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