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Actress, vegetable grower, music producer, vocalist and DJ, French Ghanaian artist Pauline Bedarida aka has been a long time affiliate of the Nyege Nyege crew, playing the festival and Nyege parties during her multiple residencies in Kampala as well as Nyege showcases in Europe when she’s not tending to her garden in a forest near Paris. 


Inspired by Nyege Nyege music and the sweat that oozes from the ceiling of packed out clubs, she draws on various afro-mutations from Luanda to Bogota, Accra to Sao Paolo, weaving together forgotten connections on the dancefloor and unlocking bodies for ultimate freedom. She draws inspiration from the intensity of DJ Diaki, the energy of the Tanzanian underground, intertwining the colors of dancehall and heavy fonte do funk with high speed dembow and footwork.

Her sets are a trove of discoveries, unexpected connections, bodily revelations and high intensity energy.


PÖ released her debut album “Cociage” under the label Hakuna Kulala in 2023. An electronic project of vocal experimentations that contrasts with her fiery and uplifting dj sets; a universe filled with tracks that range from ghostly ambient to post punk club tunes and acapella polyphonies. 

An expression of the darker and more introspective side of her and a statement of independence and multiplicity that evokes her own complex identity. 


PÖ has turned up the heat at major festivals like Nyege Nyege, We Love Green, Climaxx, Sfinks, Roskilde, Africolor….


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