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Originally from Nord Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rey Sapienz started rapping and performing on Congolese soukous when he was just a kid. In 2012 he traveled to Kampala for a collaboration with various local producers, but as the war made it impossible for him to return to Congo, he extended his stay in Uganda and is now resident producer and at the Nyege Nyege headquarters as well as manager for the label.  


Over the years Rey Sapienz has developed his unique, off-kilter take on popular Congolese dance styles soukous and kalindula by fusing them with dark propulsive techno, jaunty dancehall  rhythms and synths, and created a unique genre he calls "Congo techno". Sapienz, rapping psyched-out vocals over the top of dark beats, is for sure one of the breakout stars of the scene. 


Other than producer, Sapienz is a certified Ableton lecturer who gives regular workshops to emerging new producers in Kampala. His first full-length LP is to be released later this year on Hakuna Kulala following up his two critically acclaimed EPs "Hakuna Kulala" (2017), and "Mushoro", (2019). 

  • Bandcamp - grijze cirkel
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