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Rey Sapienz is going to bring his Congo Techno to the very next level joining forces for the first time with two Congolese talents, the veteran singer, writer and dancer Papalas Palata (Big Star, General Defao, Matumona) and the fierce MC Doogie. 


Congo Techno Ensemble premieres their weirdly abstracted club-ready dance tracks crafted with the spirit of Congo running through their veins. Sometimes that spirit comes in the form of a soukous guitar line, but other times it is indecipherable – lying somewhere in the ether between the groove and the obscure, yet energetic atmospheres they create. Ever present is the unique simplicity of the trio's multilingual vocal style, bringing minimalist lyrical genius in Swahili, Lingala, French and English.


Their first full-length album is due to be released on Hakuna Kulala later this year.

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